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Werner Zitzmann aus Bogota

Werner Zitzman aus Bogota


Die Zitzmannfamilie in Kolumbien, kam 1953 nach Bogotá, beziehungsweise mein

Vater, Richard, in Nürnberg 1915 geboren, Sohn von Joseph Zitzmann, auch Nürnberger, war Eisenbahnbeamter und starb circa 1950 ( ungefähr, denn ich war damals 7 Jahre alt ). Mein Vater war der Jüngste seiner Familie, seine ältere Schwester hieß Kätie, heiratete Eduard Hofmann und wanderten sehr jung in die USA wo sie in Denver lebten; beide sind wahrscheinlich schon gestorben ? Hans Zitzmann ist mein anderer Onkel, er lebte in München, hat auch einen Sohn: Richard, geboren 1941; leider habe ich seit 1954 keine

Nachrichten von ihnen; meine Mutter und mein Bruder Edgar kamen 1954 nach Bogotá, dort scheideten sich meine Eltern und meine Mutter und mein Bruder gingen nach Italien wo sie bis  1961 wohnten und anschliessend kamen sie wieder nach München; meine Mutter starb 1997, mein Bruder lebt in München im Adenauerring No. 12. Ich wohne also seit 1954 in Bogotá, war in München in der Führichschule bis zur 5. Klasse, in Bogotá habe ich mein Abitur 1961 an der Deutschen Schule gemacht, ging dann auf die Universidad de los Andes,

dort war ich an der Ingeneur und Wirtschaftsfakultät, bekam 1968 mein Betriebtswirtschaftdiplom. Kurz demnach heiratete ich meine Frau María Lucía ( sie hat einen Doktortitel in Theologie von unserer Jesuitenuniversität in Bogotá); ich bekam aus der Stanford University in Palo Alto, Kalifornien, ein Stipendium von der Graduate School of Business, um einen PhD titel zu verfolgen. Leider wurde meine Frau krank und deshalb mußten wir zurückkehren. Ich arbeite selbstständig seit 1970, mache Betriebswirtschaftsberatung, Finanzplanung, Projektevaluirung, Investment Banking, baue Mathematik und Simulationsmodelle auf, bin Direktor an der Universität, CESA, eines Finanzprogramms, dort gebe ich Vorlesungen in verschiedenen Finanzthemen. Gott sei Dank bin ich glücklich seit 32 Jahren verheiratet. Wir haben einen Sohn, Werner Jr., er ist Rechtsanwalt und arbeitet als Juradirektor eines der größten Zeitungsunternehmens in Bogotá, El Tiempo.


JOSEPH ZITZMANN * around 1870 in Nünrmberg

                       + around 1950 in Nünrmberg

                       ~ around 1900 Wilhelmine Augusta Krebs (* around 1870 in Nünrmberg)

                       Eisenbahnbeamter und Haus Frau

Kätie (*1900 in Nünrmberg), Hans (*1910 in Nünrmberg), Richard Joseph (*1915 in Nünrmberg)


RICHARD JOSEPH ZITZMANN KREBS  * 17.02.1915 in Nünrmberg

                                       + 14.04.1999 in Bogotá, Colombia

                                       ~ 31.12.1939   Magdalena Riedler Paintner

                                       Unteroffizier Luftnachrichten Regiment / Maschinenbau

                                       und Schneiderin

Werner (*08.10.1943 in München), Edgar (08.11.1949 in München)


LUDWIG RIEDLER * around 1890 in München

                       * around 1940 in München

                       ~ around 1915 in München Theresia Paintner


               Kaufman und Haus Frau


Magdalena (Magda) Zitzmann Paintner *12.06.1918 in München

                                       +29.08.97 in München


Legende: * geboren

               + gestorben

               ~ verheiratet


Opa Richard came alone to America (Mexico) on 1953, working for VW Group and he was a pioneer in the foundation of the automobile factory that already exists there in Mexico City. Then he came to Colombia (Bogotá), and since 1953 - 1954 he stayed here until he died. In 1954 my Oma came to Colombia with my father and uncle Edgar, and after a couple of months they split up. Their marriage shouldnt' been working OK. She returned to Europe (Italy) with Edgar for seven years, signed the evangelic and civil divorced for him

(he was evangelic and she was catholic), and then she went back with his young child to München. My father stayed with his', initially for one year. Colombia's altitude and weather was very good for his health (some breathing problems he had because the

basement's environment during the war). In 1955 my Opa got catholic and again married with a Colombian woman, and they had three children. Actually I didn't know my Opa and his Colombian family. Since he grew up he, and than we used to keep our relationship and family ties only with my Oma and Uncle who lived in Germany.


My father married with my mother, María Lucía Jiménez Roca, the 31 of August, 1968, and I was born in Bogotá the 14 of August 1969. I got married the 21 of march 1998 with Lina María Patiño and we don't have kids. My father studied at the German School in Bogotá, it was one of the most traditional and best private schools in town, actually it still

is, but that was The Age, and he was always one of the firsts in class. After that, we went to the best private university in Colombia, also in Bogotá, the Andes University, and he studied two years of Mechanical Engineering, and then he turned to Industrial Economy (Business and Administration today). He was the first in his class, Assistant Teacher and obtain an scholarship. Then he planned to get married and obtain and other scholarship to Stanford University in California (for a kind of MBA). My mother was studying Philosophy in the same University, very successful also. They married, they went to the US an when they came back I was born. My father worked for a Bank for almost a year, we was a kind of a Credit Manager, but soon he found that to be an employee was not his goal, so he resigned and open his Private Office as a Financial Consultant, and he has been doing so very well for the last 31 years. No because he is my father, but he is quit known and respected in this country as a prestigious Consultant and Professor. He has been teaching in the very best universities for 35 years. Now is the Director and Founder of the most important MBA Degree,

and I could say that now there are just a few high executives in the higher business positions that have not been his students, and they admire him so much, and lots of them are his clients. As you can imagine this has been very interesting for my professional performance and improvement. Since a couple of years I was Werner Zitzman's son. But I also have my merit, and my own popularity has been growing, so, by now, some distinguish between father and son. My mother went back to the University when I was around 7. She studied Theology, and during the last 15 years she obtained her Suma Cum Laude Master in Holly Scripture and last year she became one of the few women world wide, Suma Cum Laude PHD in

Holly Scripture, obtaining her Degree as Doctor of The Catholic Church, and her Written Work has been impacting the Theological Academic World, including the Vatican itself. She works as a teacher for the Jesuits University, which is also one of the most antique, traditional and high leveled private ones. That's why I suggest my father to keep away from her, al least as a lovely husband, that could be an heresy, don' t you agree?

My mothers family is a very traditional family in Bogota, just 4 or five generations in Colombia, with aristocratic ancestors from Spain, Ireland and France, and we have complete family trees. That's why I want to have the German Tree too.


Finally, I can tall you that I studied my first 7 years at the German School in Bogotá, I learned German but I have forgotten almost everything. I try to do my best. I understand and I can speak. I mean, I can go alone to Germany and I wouldn't have understanding problems. This School in that age was not good enough for may parents judgment, so they took me out and placed me in a very traditional private school in Bogotá where I spent the happiest days of my life. Then I became a Lawyer, I studied at the Jesuits University in Bogotá, an I began working since 1992 as a lawyer in the financial sector, investment banking, financial brokering, long term savings business with a Scandinavian Multinational Company named Skandia that you should know, and during the last three years I have been working for the most important media group in the country, we are in the Newspaper business for almost a

hundred yeas, Books (with the Bertelsmann Group), Music, Videos, Local TV Channel, Sat TV, Subscription TV, Trunking Mobile Communications, Printing, Internet, Cinemas, etc., and since September, 2000 I was designated by the Board of Directors as the Chief of the Legal Department for the whole Group.

links Edgar Zitzmann, María Lucía und Werner rechts.


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